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Rebiopack ® our pack system

In addition to protect hygienically any can, at Reset World we can package the cans together with the only reusable system ever invented.


We have designed a new pack and transportation system for cans. This system allows to join together 4, 6 or 8 cans combined with our protections systems: Cannet ® and Beunet ®. Low-cost, oxo-biodegradable, recyclable and reusable.


  • Its cost is lower than other systems’ cost.
  • Easy transportation packs.
  • It allows to point the logo of the can facing outside. This improves the brand’s image and hides the barcode on the inside. It minimizes the number of economic losses the brands experience due to the misreading of the bar code of an individual can when the consumer buys a full pack.
  • Cans are separated without effort from the pack with a vertical extraction movement.
  • Leaving a minimum residue which can be used to create a pack again, e.g. loose cans in a store shelf. It is a recyclable and oxo-biodegradable system as well as reusable.
  • It is the ecological alternative which allows people to replace six-pack rings made of polluting plastic. These rings are currently used as a can carrier element around the world and are well known for the serious environmental problem they constitute. They are especially harmful with the marine fauna of the planet.

Examples of pack with Beunet:

Rebiopack for 4 standard cans


Rebiopack for 6 standard cans


Rebiopack for 4 Sleek cans


Rebiopack for 6 Sleek cans


Rebiopack for 4 Slim cans


Rebiopack for 6 Slim cans


Cans are separated without effort from the pack with a vertical extraction movement



They are rotary, modular and versatile.

We use the proper modular and rotating machinery to put on our protective caps in the cans as well as to join the cans together with our pack system. This process is made in the production lines or the filling lines on the client’s premises. This machinery has been designed to be versatile and to be adapted to every productive need.

This machinery carries out the assembly process of the ring in each can’s outline. After that it closes and seals the cap. It presents the additional options of drying and sterelizing the cap and/or the can with U.V. light.

The machine allows the cap to be put on the cap in two different positions. One option is to put the cap with its opening area in the same space the can has its opening area (the area of contact with the consumer’s mouth when drinking directly from the can). The other option is to put the opening area of the cap aligned to the brand’s logo appearing in the can. With this last option, once our pack system is placed, all the logos of the cans will appear organized and facing the outside of the pack. Therefore the bar code will be facing the inside of the pack.

maquinaRotary, modular and versatile machines

Our machines have a unique design. Both the mechanical assembly system and the positioning process of our protective caps and pack system are patented worldwide. Our industrial rotary systems are patented worldwide also.