Innovative Packaging Solutions

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The company Reset World S.L. was founded in 2009 with the main objective of detecting possible needs not resolved in products of mass consumption, either by looking for new solutions or modifying and improving the existing ones. All this taking into consideration the respect for the environment and the social awareness.

We substitute products that had been manufactured using polluting materials or violating people and animal rights, offering the consumers the possibility of having a real, ethically responsible alternative.

To achieve a worldwide social and environmental awareness is possible.

Today the company headquarters are located in the Industrial Park of Palou Nord in Granollers, a city in the province of Barcelona. Where we have high-level facilities and 4200 m2 of available space.



We provide the beverage and canned food markets with a new and innovative element of protection for metal packaging patented worldwide, called Beunet ® , for beverage cans and Cannet ®, for canned food.

In addition we also manufacture Rebiopack ®, a revolutionary grouping system for cans which is oxo-biodegradable, recyclable and it is the only reusable gruouping system available on the market.

We manufacture the corresponding industrialization system for high productive cadences. These machines have an exclusive design and can be adapted to the customer’s filling lines.

post imagePackaging is impact and innovation, it distinguishes brands and it helps create value among consumers. Beunet®, Cannet® and Rebiopack® represent an example of maximum expression of that value and distinction. post imageThe packs will be more and more sustainable. An essential feature of our system of protection and grouping is the material used in the manufacture. At present it is an oxo-biodegradable plastic that can be recycled, if the degradation process has not been started.
post imageOur products do not represent a problem for the recycling of cans, since plastic is discarded along with the can in the same containers for selective collection, and the two materials will be separated and recycled with the methods and technology already used today. post imageIf our products were disposed of improperly, preventing it from recycling, for example, if they were thrown away in the sea after their lifespan, they would degrade in a short period of time.


Ecological and social conscience

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